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Prediction of long-term behaviour

Prediction of long-term behaviour

The LRCCP's predictive approach consists of accelerating the evolution of a material by raising the temperature, which allows for the simulation of its condition over the long term and then the measurement of the properties considered in this condition, for kinetic modeling purposes. This methodology is based on the principle of time/temperature equivalence, according to which the same condition of material is obtained after a long time at the operating temperature and after a shorter time at a higher temperature. Predictive kinetic models are chosen according to the long-term behavior of polymers. The Arrhenius model takes account of physical aging (visco-elastic) and/or physico-chemical aging (oxidation, diffusion, etc.), whereas the WLF relates to visco-elastic aging under a static load (relaxation and creep). The prediction of service life spans is extrapolated at the temperature of use, based on the thermal endurance diagram (Arrhenius model) or master curve (WLF model). The model also helps to determine representative accelerated aging protocols. Parts may then be subjected to these accelerated conditions so that the functional properties can be measured.


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